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Introduction to the T360

This video will introduce you to the T360 System, show you how to create a new stack, and also show you how to add dimensions to the stack. Additionally, you will learn how to set vector conditions for each individual entry in the stack. Finally, you will learn how to set criteria for the results of the stack and then save the stack. [Coming Soon]

T360 Advanced Features

In this video, you will be introduced to some of the advanced features of the T360 System. You will learn about Worst Case, RSS, and Modified RSS Calculation, as well as how to add diagrams to the stacks. We will then demonstrate the ‘what-if’ analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation on the stack. [Coming Soon]

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Easy to learn & use
Sophisticated analytics
Connect the dots between Design & Quality
Practical solution for almost all tolerance related tasks

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Announcing the T360 Send Us Your Stacks Contest

Announcing the T360 Send Us Your Stacks Contest

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