Tolerance 360

Connect the dots between Design, Manufacturing and Quality Engineering

What We Do

Tolerance360 is the world’s most advanced tolerance analysis management software. Its approach is a paradigm shift that replaces manual intensive processes.

What It Does

Tolerance360 seamlessly integrates all aspects of tolerance analysis – from design to manufacturing to quality engineering. The System manages and automatically updates part design, actual inspection data, and tolerance analysis results to drastically improve design process efficiency by connecting the dots between CAD design, manufacturing, and quality assurance.


How T360 Can Help You

Save Time

T360 shortens design cycle time with actual inspection data incorporated into the design process.

Cut Costs

T360 cuts down manufacturing costs for non-critical tolerances.

Track Versions

T360 keeps track of version changes in part design, automatically updating the stacks affected by the change.

Model Scenarios

T360 gives the ability to analyze stacks using its what-if scenario modeling and Monte-Carlo simulation.

Reduce Labor

T360 Eliminates tedious manual hours of creating, maintaining and updating tolerance stacks.

Accelerate Design

T360 lets you take a shortcut in the part design cycle with the help of its Virtual Parts capability.


How It Works

At the core of the T360 software is a sophisticated centralized knowledge engine database that holds parts data, complex analysis logic, and information about all tolerance stacks. The system is capable of understanding and assimilating inspection data. All interaction with the T360 system is done via the familiar and widely popular Excel interface.

Tolerance Management System

T360 is a data management system implemented to standardize part design, inspection, and tolerance analysis data. T360 stores all information in a centralized data warehouse so that information can be accessed, managed, verified, analyzed and updated more easily.

Familiar Excel Interface

T360 is an Excel add-in and uses the familiar Excel user interface. T360 is feature rich with advanced analysis (e.g. statistical analysis), sensitivity analysis, and scenario analysis. It is capable of handling full GD&T requirements.

.Net Application Framework

The T360 framework can communicate with other engineering and tolerance analysis applications. As such, Tolerance stacks or engineering drawings in other applications can be accessed and updated from within T360.

Inspection Data Management

With T360, First Article Inspection reports can be created, filled out, and imported back to the central data warehouse with ease. This data can then be used for tolerance analysis and for other design and quality engineering purposes.

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