T360 vs Manual-Intensive Processes

Part 1 is used in 5 stacks

Part 1 gets a design update. Yay!

But once the design update is done….

Tolerance Analysis has to be recalculated on every stack which uses the updated part. For this example, that’s 5. For your project, it could be hundreds of stacks.

So how is it done?


Manual-Intensive Processes vs Tolerance360

Manual-Intensive Processes:

Hundreds of hours of engineering time are lost as engineers update, recalculate, and check each stack.

increased manual processes
increased risk of error

With T360:

T360 automates the part/stack update processes, taking the pain out of tolerance analysis. T360 does the work so you don’t have to.

T360 saves engineering teams time, money and mistakes.

Bottom Line:

T360 frees engineers up for more creative activities by saving 100s of hours over manual-intensive processes.

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Announcing the T360 Send Us Your Stacks Contest

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